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Xavier coach Chris Mack to watch 2017 wing Jared Ridder at Kickapoo HS

It's that time of year again.

And now the news:

I think this is the first time I've seen Ridder's name in connection to Xavier (or at all, really), so I'm trying to track down a bit of background info on him. He's a 6'7, 180-pound wing who recently added a couple of inches of height. Other schools attached to him right now include DePaul and Missouri State, but he could get a lot more attention with a solid summer.

Ridder is a perimeter-oriented player with a really nice jumper. There's a decent amount of film out there on him and he looks to have a quick, high release off the catch or dribble. I've seen him show some decent moves going to the rim, but nothing that isn't going to need some work before hitting the D1 level. He's also flashed a nice stepback jumper to either hand with range on that out to the arc, which is not a bad trick to have in the ol' arsenal.

Just another name to file away for now. Here's some film: