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Sunday Conversation

Our weekly banter regarding the current state of the program and the concerns of the week ahead.

Selection Sunday Conversation

It's the day we've all been waiting for. Do you have any traditions that Selection Sunday brings? Where do you think the Musketeers will land?

Sunday Conversation: 1-17

Xavier is unquestionably the bet team in the state this year and a large part of that is the growth of Kaiser Gates.

Sunday Conversation: 12/7

Larry Austin Jr. is struggling, James Farr is not, and Jalen Reynolds might be playing his way right out of Xavier.

Sunday Conversation: 11/15 edition

The first game is under our belts and the conversation turns to what that win told us and the general state of the Big East after some shocking losses.

Sunday Conversation 3/8

Xavier is probably in, but there is still some question. Also, where will bid thieves come from this year?

Sunday Conversation 2/15

Does this team have one last mini-run in it?

Sunday Conversation: Does the zone play?

Is zone the way forward for the Musketeers, or does it insufficiently paper over the cracks?

Super Sunday Conversation

Leadership, defensive struggles, and the possibility of going on a run.

Sunday Conversation 1/25

Should Xavier play only one big? Can the Muskies grab a road win this week?

Sunday Conversation 1/18

Is Brandon Randolph on his way out the door? Will Xavier win a conference road game this year?

Sunday Conversation 1/11

Every encouraging home win is erased by the next deflating road defeat.

Sunday Conversation 1/4

Where we focus on the negative just because we lost our last game.

Sunday Conversation: What a Mess

The defense is bad, the refs are bad, the in game adjustments are bad, the holiday schedule is bad...

Sunday(ish) Conversation: Guess what? More defense

So long as Xavier keeps giving up loads of points, we're going to keep talking about how to fix the defense.

Monday Conversation: What is wrong with defense?

Xavier's defense was once the standard by which the program was measured. What has happened?

Sunday Conversation 11/23: defense, offense, bigs

But how about those soccer guys?

Sunday Conversation: 11/16. Sumner, Farr, et c.

One game in and we still can't agree among each other on a depth chart. HOW ARE WE GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE SEASON?

Sunday Conversation: 11/9

We discuss what, if anything, we learned from that exhibition game.

Selection Sunday Conversation

Everything Xavier has done this year was aimed towards making the team meaningful today. Was it enough?

Sunday Conversation: 3/9

In which we discuss the Big East Tournament, the strength of the Big East, and the official All-Big East teams. So, a lot about the Big East.

Sunday Conversation: 3/2

More analysis of last night's game, plus a look ahead towards the end of the regular season for X.

Sunday Conversation: 2/23

What the heck happened against Georgetown? Why is Xavier so bad on the road? How many more wins does Xavier need, and where can they get them?

Sunday Conversation: 2/16

In which we discuss coaching problems and Xavier's possible tournament hopes.

Sunday Conversation: 2/9

Video highlights of Semaj's steal, Marcus Smart's little bit of trouble, and Xavier's road woes.

Sunday Conversation: 2/2

Xavier's struggles to play like they're alive, who can be counted on, and the obligatory Super Bowl picks.

Sunday Conversation: 1/26

What is going on with Xavier's defense, Matt Stainbrook's recent issues, and seriously, that defense.

Sunday Conversation: 1/19

The Big East is better than the A-10, our favorite comebacks, and this year's chances of going farther than the 2007-2008 team did.

Sunday Conversation: Creighton Day

When there's only one thing to talk about, we talk about it a lot. This game represents a lot more than just another chance for a road win. By winning tomorrow, Xavier could go to 4-0 in the Big East. These are the games the Musketeers moved for.

Sunday Conversation: 1/5

Happy New Year! We talk Xavier's hot streak, Semaj's distribution, NCAA tournament, and (of course) Dee Davis.

Sunday Conversation 12/29

Xavier's standing in the Big East, more about Xavier's standing in the Big East, and the potential of Coach Mack becoming a Xavier edifice.

Sunday Conversation: 12/22

Regarding Xavier's latest big comeback, bad announcing, and a balanced team with tournament aspirations.

Sunday Conversation: Crosstown Shootout Edition

What just happened was awesome; what comes next might be pivotal.


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