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Guard Preview Week

A look ahead at a week spent breaking down the backcourt.

We are finally bearing down on the basketball season, having wandered lo these forty years in the annual wilderness of recruiting rumors and off-season workout reports that is the summer. While we have been (and will continue to be) breaking down the opponents on Xavier's schedule, it's time to turn the focus inward as the season preview winds down and actual basketball appears on the horizon.

To that end, we will be kicking off our player-by-player inspection of Xavier's roster by breaking down the backcourt this week. We'll jump off with quicksilver freshman Brandon Randolph of Tuesday before looking at the sharpshooting and finally eligible Myles Davis on Wednesday. From there we will turn to the incumbents on the roster, with Dee Davis first up on Thursday before wrapping up the week with the returning hero of the squad, Semaj Christon, on Friday. We'll be looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each player before offering our take on the best-case, worst-case, and most-likely reasonable scenarios for each guy as we see them at this point in time.

Once those have gone to press, Brad and I will revive the rhetorical joust that is the Sunday Conversation to discuss our respective takes on the backcourt and gently correct one another where we see the need. After a brief break for Columbus Day, we'll take the next two weeks to repeat the process with the seven eligible frontcourt players who will be in uniform for the Musketeers. If you miss any of it, check out our 2013 Season Preview hub here for all the news and information you'll need to impress your friends with your comprehensive knowledge of Xavier basketball when the season tips off.