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Season in Review: 2015

A Recap of the Season's Grades

Every player and the coach have been graded and here's what the final tally says. The top two scores have graduated, but there is a lot of talent on the way.

Breaking Down Coach Mack: Overall Grade

There were ups and downs for the Musketeers and their coach this season, so how did the community grade his overall body of work?

Breaking down Coach Mack: Roster Management

The Brandon Randolph story became a large part of the season, but Coach Mack handled his roster very well on the whole.

Breaking Down Coach Mack: Offense

Coach Mack came into the season with one reliable scorer and churned out a top 20 offense that carried the team to the Sweet 16.

Breaking down Coach Mack: Defense

Xavier's defense was on the verge of being awful all season until a major switch gave the team a boost. Was the switch to the 1-3-1 enough to earn Coach Mack a passing grade?

Matt Stainbrook is the 2015 Season Review MVP

He didn't always look the part, but Matt Stainbrook made the Xavier Musketeers what they were this year with peerless offense and an underrated defensive presence.

Dee Davis' 2015 Basketball Report Card

Dee Davis was frequently maligned by Xavier fans early in his career, but the community recognized his excellence this year.

Jalen Reynolds 2015 Report Card

Jalen dunked on a good portion of the current human population, spawned a hashtag, and ticked off a whole bunch of refs in the process of endearing himself to X fans this year.

Myles Davis' 2015 Basketball Report Card

Myles Davis was the first player the community awarded a B. But for a late season slump, he could have finished even higher.

Xavier 2015 Season Review: Remy Abell Report Card

The Indiana transfer made a big impact at some big times for Xavier this season, filling major roles on both ends of the court.

Trevon Bluiett's 2015 Basketball Report Card

Not fully consistent yet, Trevon Bluiett is well on his way to being an excellent player.

Xavier 2015 Season Review: JP Macura Report Card

Xavier's freshman wing had a very trick-or-treat track record in his first college season.

Larry Austin Jr's. 2015 Basketball Report Card

Xavier's freshman guard did a lot right, and a lot wrong, this year. Did he do enough to earn a passing grade?

Player Report Card for Sean O'Mara

There were glimmers of greatness from the freshman big man this year, but they were disguised by a much bigger need for refinement.

Brandon Randolph's 2015 Basketball Report Card

See how we (and the community) graded Brandon's results from the 2014-2015 season.