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Player Preview 2013

A look at every single scholarship player who will suit up for X this season.

Sunday Conversation: 10/27

Go big or go small, Randolph and Richards, trying to figure out how MAC stats translate to the new Big East, and coming close to saying this is a very good roster.

Player Preview: Kamall Richards

Kamall Richards is a scorer coming on to a team where shots are already going to be difficult to find. Can the young man adjust to longer being the biggest gun on the team?

2013 Player Preview: Erik Stenger

That Erik Stenger has gotten this far and is getting his school paid for is a testament to his hard work more than innate talent. When does the string run out for the senior?

Player Preview: Jalen Reynolds

Jalen Reynolds is nearly as tall as anyone else on the team, incredibly athletic, and, at 21 years of age, he's also not your average freshman. Can he be a dominant inside force for Xavier this year?

Player Preview: James Farr

James Farr burned a year of eligibility on 42 minutes last year. Whether or not he should have redshirted, the sophomore now faces a fight for playing time.

Player Preview: Matt Stainbrook

Matt Stainbrook is in the best shape of his career and already a fan favorite at Xavier. If his passing ability and his new body hold out, he could be the best offensive post Xavier has had in quite some time.

Player Preview: Justin Martin

Justin Martin is capable of both overpowering offense and staggering stretches of apparent apathy. Is there any way to predict which version will show up this year?

Frontcourt Preview Week

The guards have been broken down and discussed, now it's time to move down low. Does Xavier have a replacement for Travis Taylor?

Sunday Conversation: Backcourt

A holiday bumped it back a day, but here is the first Sunday Conversation of the 2013-2014 Xavier basketball season. Just how good can this backcourt be? Is Myles Davis ready? Will Dusty Baker ever work again?

2013 Player Preview: Semaj Christon

The lynchpin of Xavier's backcourt from a year ago returns to lead the charge again this season. How much Semagic should Xavier fans be expecting?

Player preview: Dee Davis

Dee Davis played the most minutes of his career last year while Xavier struggled for guard depth. This year there are plenty more guards, and a commensurate drop in available time. How the diminutive point responds could be key to the Musketeers year

2013 Player preview: Myles Davis

What happens when a multi-talented guard takes a year off as a non-qualifier? Myles Davis is still at Xavier because both he and the team think good things await.

2013 Player Preview: Brandon Randolph

The latest highly-recruited guard to hit campus, Brandon Randolph was once a Pepperdine commit before deciding to travel from California to Cinci to join Xavier. What should we expect from the Inglewood native this season?

This stream has:

Guard Preview Week

Player previews and a synopsis of Xavier's reloaded backcourt.

Guard Preview Week

A look ahead at a week spent breaking down the backcourt.