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News and Notes

The daily news from around college basketball.

News and Notes: Leaping through the midweek

There's a lot of dunking here, and a lot of worthwhile news to spin through before you get to it.

Monday News/Notes: Is X the best program in Ohio?

Matt Norlander thinks OSU is the best program in Ohio, Dyshawn Pierre does something he shouldn't have, and is there a college basketball video game on the horizon?

Weekend News and Notes: Montrezl Harrell- Fireman

A major blog breaks down Xavier's conference schedule, Marquette tries to bounce back, and Montrezl Harrell kicks car windows.

Tuesday News and Notes has Xavier 28th

Friday News and Notes loves Trevon Bluiett

Trevon Bluiett poised for a breakout, John Calipari hilariously snubbed, and a Xavier opponent gets a little bit weaker.

Labor Day News and Notes

News and Notes finally has some Xavier content

Monday News and Notes

A new academic center, a good TED Talk, and the NCAA screwing someone else.

Weekend News and Notes

A look at the hard to believe but completely real 24 hour college basketball tip-off marathon.

Midweek News and Notes

Guard your virtue around Norwood Teague, guard your wallet around Justin Moss, and guard the rules around Wichita State.

News and Notes actually makes the catch

UK players "relieved" to lose, Chris Obepka moves closer to legalized weed, and more good publicity for the AdvoCare Invitational field.

Tuesday News and Notes

A 13 year old commits, a current college player makes a stupid choice, and summer is winding down.

Midweek News and Notes

Monday News and Notes

Donnie Tyndall cheated and destroyed evidence and college basketball video gaming may be on the way back. Those ideas are not related.

Thursday News and Notes with Andy (Randy) Kennedy

Punching women is never good, underage drinking is rarely good, and Andy Kennedy has some fun. Plus, how to follow Xavier players in the NBA Summer League.

Tuesday News and Notes

CBS releases a genuinely stupid set of rankings and Coach K is just as awkward and occasionally creepy as you are.

Independence Weekend News and Notes

Seton Hall is getting better while UC is thinking about maybe trying to score in the upcoming years.

July 3rd News and Notes

The NCAA spends a small fortune on legal fees but gives Emmert a raise, and the impact of Bo Ryan.

Monday News and Notes

Some Big East previews have come out, and Frank Martin is taking an admirable stand.

Weekend News and Notes

Thursday News and Notes

RaShid Gaston is officially a Musketeer and declaring underclassmen get a vital reprieve in the NBA Draft process.

Tuesday News and Notes

Featuring Bob Huggins and Xavier fans agreeing and two big programs using Team USA to recruit

Monday News and Notes is celebrating Father's Day

What is it like to suit up and play for your dad? That and a haircut that defies belief in today's news and notes.

Monday News and Notes: Special treatment

This just in: athletes and large universities get a world of special treatment when they mess up.

Thursday News and Notes

Guess what? It's more programs cheating. Also, progress from the Baylor Bears.

Wednesday News and Notes

A travel package to Orlando, a star player that Xavier stopped is now injured, an absurd contract extension, and LeBron James is doing something almost unbelievable.

Monday News and Notes didn't cheat in college

Allen Iverson committed a basketball assassination, UNC cheated on a grand scale but won't be punished, and Mark Cuban flashes the cash.

Thursday News and Notes can spell Stainbrook

We can spell Stainbrook, but the Lakers cannot. More players accused of assault make headlines, and Thad Matta won't schedule inside Ohio.

Monday News and Notes

Hoiberg is gone, Nolan Smith has guns drawn on him, and there is apparently a National Bobblehead Museum.

Memorial Day news and notes

Enjoy your holiday, such as it is.

Thursday News and Notes has landmark numbers

The O'Bannons finally win their case and the incredibly broken game of of college basketball continues to rake in record numbers on both television and Las Vegas.

Friday news and notes: players going everywhere

Out with the old, in with the new. The wheel of college hoops keeps turning.


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