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Know Your Non-conference Opponent 2018

Know Your Non-conference Opponent 2018

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Detroit

Things have changed a lot since the days of Spencer Haywood. Detroit is a legit buy game now, and the last opponent before Big East play for Xavier.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Missouri

Coach Steele will push the men on to Missouri in December to take on the Tigers in a rematch of a second-round matchup that never happened.

Know Your Non-Conference Opponent: EKU

The Colonels are Xavier’s first opponent in the stretch that leads to the Big East.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Cincinnati

The Crosstown Shootout is on enemy ground this year, as Xavier travels to UC’s newly-renovated arena to take on the Bearcats.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: THE Ohio University

Ohio U is keyed for another run at some postseason glory, and adding Xavier’s name to their win column would be a huge coup.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Oakland

A massive exodus from an already mediocre team has left the Grizzlies in a really bad spot for the upcoming season.

Know Your Non-Conference Opponent: Miami (Oh)

That’s right, the Redhawks are back on the schedule. This rivalry, though, has changed in scope since these times last met.

Know Your Non-Conference Opponent: Auburn

Auburn looms as a sneaky good team out of the SEC as Xavier’s schedule toughens.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Wisconsin

The Gavitt Games have somehow been a home-and-home with Wisconsin for Xavier. What a crock of crap; bring on the Big 12.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Evansville

The Purple Aces no longer play in sleeves, but they still... I don’t know, actually. I don’t pay attention to Evansville basketball and I’m writing this before I research the post.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: IUPUI

Xavier’s basketball season will kick off with a visit from the fearsome Jaguars of Indiana University - Purdue University Indiana.