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Know Your Big East Opponent

Moving to a new conference can be like your first day at a new school. Who are the cool kids? Who don't I want to associate with? And who flat-out sucks? Fortunately, your big brother Brad is here to guide you through the Big East school-by-school.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Cincinnati

The Crosstown Shootout is a big game every year. Here's everything you need to know to be up to speed on UC.

Know Your Big East Opponent: Georgetown

Georgetown has become infamous for collapsing in the NCAA tournament. This season they'll bring back all but Otto Porter from a team that really should challenge for the Big East title again. The NCAAs? We'll see.

Know Your Big East Opponent: Marquette

Marquette starts the season as the only ranked Big East team. With Davante Gardner and Jamil Wilson returning, along with a host of top 100 recruits, they look good money to hold their spot.

Know Your Big East Opponent: Providence

Providence may have been overlooked in a loaded conference last year, but their incoming class and strong returning players could mean a jump to the next level.

Know Your Big East Opponent: DePaul

The Blue Demons were an amazing 2-16 in conference play last year. A revamped backcourt and a drastically different conference make for some hope, but not much.