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KenPom Bracketology

The archive of our KenPom Bracketology series

Championship week KenPom Bracketology

The final KenPom Bracketology before Selection Sunday still has Xavier farther down the bracket then they are likely to land.

KenPom Bracketology: 3/2

Xavier in the middle of five Big East teams currently in the bracket… but still somehow behind Wichita State.

KenPom Bracketology: 2/25

Xavier’s win over Nova raised expectations more than it raised the KenPom numbers. X stays in solid position but lags behind its real-life place on the S-curve.

KenPom Bracketology: 2-18

Tempo free numbers aren't as kind to Xavier as bracketologists are. That said, there's nothing wrong with hanging this high in any bracket.

KenPom Bracketology: 2/10

Earlier in the year we loved Xavier by the numbers. Now, things are getting ugly.

KenPom Bracketology: 2/4

Xavier’s record goes one way, but their KenPom ranking continues to trend the other.

KenPom Bracketology: 1/27

The computers don’t love Xavier nearly as much as you and I do.

KenPom Bracketology: 1/20

The computer numbers don't see Georgetown as a very good team, so Xavier's seed takes a beating in this week's edition of KenPom Bracketology.

KenPom Bracketology: 1/13

The media polls haven't bumped Xavier much, but the cold, hard, numbers are unforgiving.

KenPom Bracketology: 12-23

On the back of another impressive win, Xavier starts bumping up against the one seed line.

KenPom Bracketology: 12/9

Is this the year that Xavier's Sweet 16 run doesn't come from the bottom of the bracket?

KenPom Bracketology 12/2

Xavier and Villanova lead a handful of Big East teams in the latest Pomeroy bracket.

Preseason KenPom Bracketology

It's way too early to do this, but that hasn't kept the resident bracketologist from diving in.

KenPom Bracketology: March 9th

It's conference tournament week, so things are changing fast.

KenPom Bracketology: March 4th

If only Ken Pomeroy's rankings were the ones that matter.

KenPom Bracketology 2/25

The whims of fickle bracketologists have Xavier dangerously close to the cut line, but the dispassionate logic of the KenPom rankings tells a different story.

KenPom Bracketology: Crosstown Shootout Edition

Xavier beat their hated rival last night, did it help them move up the S-curve at all?

KenPom Bracketology 2/11

Xavier continues to creep up. It would seem the unfeeling circuitry of computer rankings likes X a lot more than most human bracketologists right now.

KenPom Bracketology: 2/5

KenPom may still like the Musketeers, but even he has them sliding down the bracket.

KenPom Bracketology 1/28

A big road win means Xavier is moving up in the bracket, but the Big 12 is still the dominant league in the country.

KenPom Bracketology: 1/21

As conference play begins, so does the conference attrition. The Big East, though, still has 60% of its teams in position for the big dance.

KenPom Bracketology: Jan 8th

Keep winning in the conference and keep moving up the seed lines. Xavier is six seed now, and the Big East places seven teams.

KenPom Bracketology: Xavier in a holding pattern

Win and move up or lose and move down. Come as close as possible to doing both and stay in the same basic position.

KenPom Bracketology: Xavier on the rise

The entirety of the Associated Press is sleeping on Xavier, but the numbers don’t lie and the Muskies are moving up.

KenPom Bracketology: Xavier rising up the S curve

Xavier moves farther away from the dreaded play in games and toward the middle of the S curve. Meanwhile, the rest of the Big East is represented very well.

KenPom Bracketology: Xavier still in the field

Despite the usual dreadful Thanksgiving tournament, Xavier is still in our KenPom driven tournament.

KenPom Bracketology 11/26

Our first shot at filling out a (projected) bracket with the stone-cold objectivity of the KenPom numbers.


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