Check out this map of the hometown of every player on a top 10 team


From Reddit user xXsnowXx. This is a nice companion piece to our look at the Chris Mack recruiting map this summer. I wouldn't mind seeing Coach Mack cast a wider net, but it appears clear that there are plenty of good players to be found right in Xavier's back yard. I guess I can't complain too much about how he put together a 21-2 team.

Is Villanova changing up their strategy before playing Xavier?


This would be an interesting change of pace. Like Dauster points out, Nova was crippled by missed threes in their two losses. On the other hand, the most obvious way to crack open Xavier's defense is from deep, and that's how Nova has gone five for five against X in the past two years. Is this a smoke screen or sea trials for a huge shift? We'll find out on New Year's Eve.

NBC's Rob Dauster really likes Xavier


Dauster has been watching a lot of basketball for a long time, and he's the latest entry on the rapidly filling Xavier bandwagon. This weekend in Orlando could be very big for X in terms of national exposure.

ESPN gives Kansas State the edge for Xavier Sneed's commitment


Sneed is scheduled to commit this afternoon; Xavier and K state seem to be his last two schools in play.

Larry Austin, Jr. has explosive bounce


I'll be honest, I did not know he got up quite like that.

Of course Larry Austin is on a horse.


I mean, it's Larry Austin on a horse. What more do you need to know?

Who is in/out based on KemPom ratings


From reddit user Zartemax

Here is a link to a much easier to read version.

Blue is for conference champs that WOULD qualify for an at-large bid, green is for at-large bids, yellow is for first ten at-large bids out, and orange is for conference champs that need their auto-bid to make it in.