In Season Tournament a Success Among Players


I’m very excited. We’ve actually been talking about it for the last three or four years during the season and it finally happened. It’s another chance to win something. In international basketball, these cups in the middle of the season are big. They mean something. And then history happens and it’s important.

Domantas Sabonis on AI Sports Betting Predictions and the In Season Tournament

The Marquette women's basketball team, ranked 19th/20th, is coming back home


The Marquette women's basketball team, ranked 19th/20th, is coming back home after a two-game road trip to take on Xavier this Saturday, January 6th. The game will kick off at 2 p.m. CT at the Al McGuire Center. You can catch the game broadcast on the BIG EAST Digital Network on FloSports, featuring Bob Brainerd as the play-by-play commentator, Michelle Griffin-Wenzel as the analyst, and Chloe Marotta '23 reporting from the sideline.

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Roger Goodell’s so-called better-than-ever NFL officiating blew the end of Cowboys-Lions, then doubled down


ARLINGTON, Texas — Saturday night, an NFL official clearly made a huge mistake. It happened on a massive stage, before a national television audience, in a game that was consequential for playoff seeding. When he was pressed for an explanation, he doubled down by describing a scenario that made no sense. This is what resonates about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s better than ever officiating, which has glitched and rebooted seemingly every few weeks this season.

Two-point snafu gave Mike McCarthy a pass for play-calling blunder


The two-point snafu that suddenly turned a Lions upset of the Cowboys into a 20-19 loss became the primary talking point emerging from Saturday night’s game. That’s very good news for Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy. McCarthy gifted the Lions an extra 40 seconds or so on the final Dallas drive of the game, by dialing up a pass on second and 14 from the Detroit 33. The Lions at the time had one timeout remaining. If the Cowboys had run the ball twice, they could have taken at least 40 extra seconds off the clock before kicking the field goal that gave Dallas a 20-13 lead. Detroit got the ball back, after the perfunctory touchback on the kickoff, at their own 25 with 1:41 to play and no timeouts. They should have had a minute or less. While that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have scored, it would have been much more difficult to move the ball 75 yards in 60 seconds than in 101.

Just admit it: The refs kicked the call against Detroit, changed playoff landscape


ARLINGTON, Texas -- I was in the umpires’ room with Jim Joyce all those years ago. The man had just made one of the most infamous calls in the history of sports, calling safe what should have been the 27th out of Armando Galarraga’s imperfect game for the Detroit Tigers. And in Joyce’s defense, he knew it too. He said as much as paced around that cramped, windowless room, copping to the ignominious moment that would come to define a decades-long career.

In the second half of the NCAA basketball matchup between the Delaware Blue Hens


In the second half of the NCAA basketball matchup between the Delaware Blue Hens and the Xavier Musketeers at the Cintas Center in Cincinnati on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, Xavier Musketeers guard Quincy Olivari (number 8) aggressively advances towards Delaware Blue Hens guard Christian Ray (number 5).

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Kent State Women's Basketball Stuns Xavier with Late Surge in 64-57 Victory


Trailing 43-37 with just two minutes remaining in the third quarter, the Flashes (2-1) unleashed an impressive surge, outscoring the Musketeers 29-14 in the subsequent 12 minutes, clinching an awe-inspiring triumph.

Xavier's Dominant Victory Over Bryant


In a thrilling showcase of his shooting prowess, Xavier guard Quincy Olivari found himself in an unexpected position, left unguarded beyond the arc multiple times during the first half against Bryant on Friday afternoon.

50 Years Since the Final Game


Today marks a significant milestone in sports history as, fifty years ago on November 24, 1973, the Xavier University football team played its last game, clinching a memorable victory against Toledo with a score of 35-31. However, less than a month later, the Xavier Board of Trustees made the pivotal decision to discontinue the football program, casting a solemn end to an era with a 15-3 vote.



It's rare that you can spend two days in on the Las Vegas Strip at not have a good time. Xavier basketball accomplished just that over the weekend over a 48-hour span after self-sabotaging itself in a 74-71 loss to Washington Friday night.