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News and Notes from the summer

Summer is designed to suck the life from you, but there’s been a few things happening

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 04 Butler at Xavier Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The non-conference schedule is out

We’ll cover this in more detail later, but Xavier has announced who they are playing this season. There are no exhibition games this season, just a couple of closed scrimmages. The initial release also included this brilliant piece of shade from Tom Eiser: “Xavier’s possible non-conference opponents include five teams that made 2023 postseason NCAA or NIT play. In addition to Houston (NCAA) and UC (NIT).” Are any other NIT teams named? Nope. Well done, Tom. Here’s the list:

Monday, Nov. 6 Robert Morris
Friday, Nov. 10 Jacksonville
Monday, Nov. 13 at Purdue (Gavitt Tipoff Games)
Friday, Nov. 17 Continental Tire Main Event in Las Vegas
(San Diego State, St. Mary’s or Washington)
Sunday, Nov. 19 Continental Tire Main Event in Las Vegas
(San Diego State, St. Mary’s or Washington)
Friday, Nov. 24 Bryant
Monday, Nov. 27 Oakland
Friday, Dec. 1 Houston (BIG EAST-Big 12 Battle)
Tuesday, Dec. 5 Delaware
Saturday, Dec. 9 Cincinnati (Skyline Chili Crosstown Shootout)
Saturday, Dec. 16 Winthrop

Bob Huggins is getting more confused

I don’t know if Bob was drunk when he resigned, drunk when he said he didn’t resigned, or is just always drunk, but he’s decided to take what tatters remain of his reputation and drag them through the mud. In a bizarre turn of events he had an attorney whose services he doesn’t usually retain contact WVU and insist that he had not resigned and that he was intending to coach again this season.

WVU turned around and gave a long list of reasons why the resignation was valid. They had, as the parlance goes, the receipts. Huggins has since entered rehab (allegedly) and threatened to sue the school. If you had any questions about his character at any point, you shouldn’t now.

Colby Jones lands a big contract

Jones was the first player signed with the NBA’s new second-round pick exception. What that means is largely immaterial, but it gets Colby a four year contract worth over $8 million. That’s a nice payday for the #34 overall pick and one that Jones more than earned. Adam Kunkel, Souley Boum, and Jack Nunge have all played in the summer league and Nunge has parlayed that into a contract overseas.

TBT is back

The rosters are notoriously finicky, team Zip Em Up will be back in action in the Cintas soon. Parts of the team are already back in Cincinnati and practicing together. In what is possibly an absolutely epic troll job of almost everyone, Zip Em Up now employs the services of Book Richardson as an assistant coach. Yes, that Book Richardson.