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A Xavier news roundup

There’s a season opener, a Thanksgiving tournament, and TBT to start looking forward to.

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The countdown is on

In 186 days, basketball will be back. Xavier will open the season by taking on the Colonials of Robert Morris. RMU is from Moon Township, Pennsylvania and finished 238th in the KenPom last season. This is a buy game of buy games. The school itself is named for Robert Morris (obviously), the man who saved the Revolution by financing the Continental Army and provided the supplies necessary for the revolutionaries to win the Battle of Trenton. That spirit has not helped the basketball team be any good.

Transfers are on their way out

You would not have won any money for betting that Kyky Tandy (Jacksonville State), Dieonte Miles (Morehead State), Cesare Edwards (Missouri State), and Elijah Tucker (Longwood) would leave Xavier. Edwards figures to have the most success going forward as he is the one that showed the most in Big East play. One can only hope that the star-crossed Tandy gets one healthy year to show what he can do.

Basketball back at the Cintas in July

Once again there will be a Xavier Regional in The Basketball Tournament. Last season Xavier drew exceptionally well thanks to the rabid fanbase and provided an atmosphere that made the mid-summer games feel like something special. The roster is far from set, but JP Macura, Trevon Blueitt, Semaj Christon, and Dee Davis are all already committed to return for another year on Zip Em Up.

Xavier will be playing on Thanksgiving

If concussion ball on Thanksgiving isn’t your thing, tune in to some Xavier basketball. SDSU would make a juicy matchup, and there are (very unconfirmed) rumors around Pitt possibly being the fourth team. Either way, with no World Cup this year, all eyes can be on the Musketeers over the long holiday weekend.