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How does Indiana transfer Logan Duncomb fit into Xavier's offseason plans?

The frontcourt is in flux; how much of an answer is Duncomb?

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First, the news:

Duncomb is a 6'9", 240-pound big man out of Cincinnati. He originally committed to Archie Miller out of high school as a consensus four-star, top-100 guy. Now, having loved the experience of committing to a Miller so much, he's done the same thing again by agreeing to suit up for X under Sean.

Out of high school, Duncomb was considered to be a strong prospect as a high-energy big man. Drilling long jumpers wasn't a purported strength for him, but he was a determined rim runner and - with a wingspan of 7'3" - a good rebounder in and out of his area. He snagged offers from high majors like OSU, Va Tech, and Iowa before signing with Indiana.

He has labored under the same snakebite hex that Kyky Tandy suffered with. He played 19 minutes as a freshman for various reasons, ranging from normal depth chart issues to complications from tonsillitis. As a sophomore, he had sinus surgery and never really got to experience playing at full health. In his two years at Indiana, he scored 32 total points.

So what can we expect from Duncomb?

If you're a glass half full guy, he's an energy big man who can get to the glass on both ends and anchor the offense under the rim. He has good hands, can get up and down the floor well, and has the chance to develop with his first fully healthy season since high school.

If you're a Negative Nancy, Duncomb is bench depth, a shorter Dieonte Miles; the emergency backup backup plan just in case half the roster catches mono.

I'd like to think there's a role for Duncomb here. I don't think an ideal version of this roster includes him as a starter, but having him fill the Jerome Hunter role off the bench wouldn't be too much of a reach. He wasn't a highly-rated recruit for nothing, and if he can keep his motor revving high and mix in a mid-range jumper or two, it's not unreasonable to hope that he can be a solid contributor for X.