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Full Tournament Coverage

Everything we’ve written and recorded about the NCAA tournament, all in one place.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament First Round Greensboro Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Games have tipped. Work productivity has ceased. It’s the best two days of the year. We’ve spent hours talking and spilled a lot of digital ink in the lead up to this Thursday/Friday set up. If you’d want to read all of it, here it all is.

We started it off by welcoming Xavier back... as a three seed. Unexpected? Yes. Even Coach Miller thought the team was on the way to a four seed.

This is still very pertinent. For Xavier to make the Sweet 16, the Musketeers are going to have to beat Kennesaw State and one of these other teams. Iowa State and Pitt remain in contention and in Xavier’s way.

When this thing tips off tomorrow today there won’t be a team playing that shouldn’t be, there won’t be a team watching that should be playing. The 37 at large bids were awarded consistently with what the committee set out just a couple weeks ago. Teams that scheduled well and won were rewarded. Teams that took no chances and couldn’t rack up wins in power conferences weren’t.

We previewed every single region in depth. Every Sweet 16 pick, all the teams we think are over and under seeded, and the games to catch from each bracket. It’s all here.

Finally, we recorded a pod that covered the entire tournament.

And one that was Xavier specific. This is 50 minutes of in-depth coverage of exactly what the Musketeers need to do to advance to the Final Four.