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Renovations coming to the Cintas

The best home court in college basketball is going to get a little bit better

Syndication: The Enquirer Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

I’ve been to a lot of places to watch college basketball. I’ve been places as small as Georgetown College’s cafegymatorium and places as big as Conseco Fieldhouse to watch ten dudes run up and down the court. Small places have their charms (except for Georgetown College, which has none), and big place have their perks.

But the Cintas Center has been a great combination of both since it opened 23 years ago. There are no bad sight lines or bad seats. There are plenty of concession options, open walking space, and good acoustics. In short, it’s a great arena and a great place to take in a game. The team has also won 85.2% of the games they have ever played at Cintas. The place is also about to get better.

A New Center Court Club: The Center Court Club, positioned on the east concourse, will be the newest premier club experience in Cincinnati. True to its name, the Center Court Club will be directly at mid-court, offering the best vantage point to watch Xavier Basketball along with elite service and comfort. Plush Club seats, all-inclusive food with an elevated menu, private restrooms and a full bar will make this a coveted seat location.

The Brew House: With community and gathering points in mind, the Brew House will add another dimension to Cintas Center. The Brew House will be an open-air bar on the main concourse with seating and standing room views of the court. This unique space will open up the overall Cintas Center concourse and modernize the feel of the arena.

Changes to The Lookout: The Lookout was built in 2017. During the 2024 renovation, key changes will be made to improve sight lines and comfort for seat holders in this exciting and unique location. While Row A will stay as-is, rows B and C will undergo significant changes to provide more seating choices for patrons in the Lookout. Row B will see a new seating style similar to a desk chair with comfort and conversation as the primary goal. Row C will be raised into a high bar top seat and a convenient drink rail in front of you.

Additional ADA Seating: Accessible seating is something that Cintas Center already offers in abundance. However, the updates will provide even more opportunities to accommodate fans with accessibility needs.

Up here in Cleveland we have The Corner at Progressive Field. It sounds as if the Brew House will be something equivalent to that, with alcohol flowing and beer can stacking opportunities aplenty. It’s a huge hit up here and it will be at the Cintas as well. Some of the other updates will cater to less a can stacking crowd, but will still have the feel of opening the place up a bit.

These renovations will start in the summer and be ready come the 24-25 season. Hopefully they will be rung in with some more banners being hung in the rafters. That, at least, has been a constant at the Cintas.