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Remember back when Xavier didn’t lose games like this?

NCAA Basketball: Miami (OH) at Cincinnati
Ah, the good old days
Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguish’d, and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;
Morn came and went—and came, and brought no day,

It’s over.

Burn Sean Miller in effigy.

Cancel the season.

Xavier has lost to the team that is now 132nd in the KenPom. They’ve not had a loss this bad since last season. Almost 11 months ago. That’s crazy. Who could ever have imagined that a basketball team would not go undefeated? Who would dare to dream that a Big East team could drop a game to Oakland? Is there really even any point in finishing this season?

Sean Miller? Barely heard of him. Has he even led this team to the tournament in all but his first year here? What’s the point? I, personally, wish we still had Travis Steele. His Miami (Oh) team only lost to St. Bonaventure by 30 this weekend. That guy knew how to get players in here and get things done. Sean Miller? What’s he ever accomplished beyond multiple Elite Eights and three Sweet 16 trips at Xavier?

Does it even matter that half of these guys don’t share a first language? No. Sure, not being able to naturally talk to your teammates might sound like a reason to you, but it just sounds like an excuse on Twitter.

Oh, most of these guys have only known each other for two months? Tough luck. I watched Hoosiers and learned that in the 1950s the basket was the same height no matter where you play, so what does it matter if you know the guy next to you? Chemistry? That’s a school subject. Let the one guy on the team who has played Big East basketball before just run the show. The fact he’s only acquainted with the guys he’s passing to shouldn’t be a hindrance at all.


Let’s be done with this now. Not since Jan 15th of this very year has a Xavier team bounced back from losing to a team this bad. That’s 10 whole months. There’s literally no reason to think it could ever happen again. I mean sure, a Chris Mack team had three losses worse than this and still made the Sweet 16, but he’s not here anymore. Now we just have the best game coach in program history. What can he possibly do?

The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave,
The moon, their mistress, had expir’d before;
The winds were wither’d in the stagnant air,
And the clouds perish’d; Darkness had no need
Of aid from them

Obviously, I believe none of this, so don’t blow up our mentions. Xavier will be ok. This loss sucked and it hurt, but the season goes on. Also, shout out to Adam and ARL for being in their feelings and then reining things back in later. Being a fan means high passion at times.