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What’s in the NET today?

Things are shaking up as the Big East gets just that little bit better

NCAA Basketball: Seton Hall at Marquette
The second best coach in the Big East?
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

UConn still tops the NET in the Big East. Was Xavier a good loss for them? Behind them, a lot has changed, and mostly for positive. Let’s start with a look at the chart.

Team NET KenPom Quad H/A
UConn 2 2 1/1
Xavier 21 24 -------
Marquette 28 23 1/1
Creighton 34 26 2/1
Providence 48 43 2/1
Butler 69 83 2/1
Seton Hall 83 49 3/2
Villanova 92 53 3/2
St. John's 102 68 3/2
DePaul 197 145 4/3
Georgetown 242 201 4/4

Xavier is up to second in the conference in the NET, but that’s not the big news here. Semi-importantly no games have gotten worse. No one is sliding down the standings, though Butler is flirting with becoming a Q3 after losing three of four.

Seton Hall was a Q3 already and remains that way, but they are close to getting themselves back into the Q2 range after beating St. John’s. One team that is actually moving up is Providence. The Friars are the only other team unbeaten in conference and are now a solid Q2 at home and a Q1 on the road. That’s the same level Creighton currently holds after thumping DePaul on Christmas and then taking a break.

The best news, though, is that Marquette is now a Q1 no matter where, because they beat Seton Hall and then Villanova over the holiday period. That Villanova team, by the way, is not looking like course correcting any time soon. The Golden Eagles at Marquette are 11-4 overall, only have those coveted “good losses,” and have played themselves into position to be a high quad game.

Xavier right now is 1-0 in Q1 games in the Big East and, far more importantly, 2-3 in Q1 overall. The Musketeers have six potential Q1 games left as things stand. Go .500 in those and they are in very good shape. Even 2-4 isn’t a disaster. That would leave them at 4-7, same as a Saint Mary’s team that finished 19th and garnered a five seed last season.

Right now Xavier is 21st. The team that finished 21st last season was Murray State, who knocked off 22nd in the NET San Francisco in a 7-10 matchup in the first round of last year’s NCAA tournament. This mostly goes to say that as things stand right now Xavier is well clear of the bubble. Things can change quickly though, The team that was 21st in the NET and sitting pretty at this time last year? The Xavier Musketeers.