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Xavier loses a big name transfer

A big name, but not a big piece, has departed as Hercy Miller leaves the squad.

Chipotle Clash Of Champions - Sierra Canyon v Minnehana Academy Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Hercy Miller seems destined to be far more famous for what he has done off the court than what he may ever do on it. After six games at Tennessee State, Miller transferred to Xavier. After exactly zero games on the court at Xavier, Miller is on his way out. Just a week ago Miller was receiving Xavier’s #11 jersey, now he’s looking for another team.

Miller is not a big loss on the court for Xavier. He brings eyes because of his dad, Master P, but he’s not a high major level basketball player. Verbal Commits has him as a two star recruit. ESPN, Scout, and Rivals simply can’t be bothered at this point. Xavier walk on seems about his level, though he could be the next former Musketeer to star at a place along the lines of Utah Valley State.

The big story with Miller, though, is his early NIL deal. Web Apps America gave Miller $2 million before he played a game. He has now played six and, it’s fair to say, not provided much return on investment for WAA. NIL is undoubtedly a good thing for the college athletes who have for so long carried the people who are making money off their labor. The danger in it is exactly what has happened here. Miller was something of an unknown quantity coming into college. He’s known now, and someone is out $2 million because of it.

As this new era develops we will move from the current anything goes style of NIL to something more organized and regulated. Until then, players with name and no results will still be able to cash in. Some low major is going to get a $2 million rotation player in a week or two, or a high major is going to add some $2 million roster fill. What neither of them will get is someone who has earned that money yet.