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Jack is back!

Xavier’s best player from last season rejoins the team for one more year

NCAA Basketball: NIT Final-Xavier vs Texas A&M Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

A big piece has fallen into place for Sean Miller and Xavier. The Musketeers do it all center from last season took to Twitter to announce that he felt the need to let Xavier Nation he was coming back. Nunge led the team in scoring, rebounding, and blocks last season and posted a line of 13.4/7.4/1.1 on an ORtg of 127, good for 18th in the nation.

There is a little bit of bad news in here. Jack’s title of “One last ride” very much makes it sound like he will not be using his Covid year of extra eligibility. Given that Nunge played his first college basketball game back on November 10th of 2017, this isn’t exactly a surprise.

That means that Xavier currently has five players who are completely committed to the roster next season: Nunge, Colby Jones, Kyky Tandy, Desmond Claude, and Kam Craft. There has been no word from Adam Kunkel, Zach Freemantle, Cesare Edwards, Ben Stanley, Jerome Hunter, or Dieonte Miles. Paul Scruggs, Nate Johnson, and Dwon Odom are all gone. The two absolute biggest pieces in Jones and Nunge are back. The Sean Miller era is off to a good start.