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Kyky Tandy and Colby Jones are staying at Xavier

A couple of fan favorites will be back under Sean Miller.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Xavier Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

First, as always, the news:

And second, some more news:

With the caveat that I don't have a deep personal relationship with either of these guys, these statements are in keeping with my perception of their personalities. Kyky just isn't that expressive - often to the frustration of armchair body language experts watching him on TV - and Colby seems to be; that's mirrored here.

Obviously the Colby news is huge. He was arguably Xavier's best player for stretches this year and affects the game on both ends. He is a dominant rebounder for a guard and - when he's asserting himself - a reliable and fairly efficient scorer. His feel for the game is too notch; his coming back to X is a big deal.

To me though, the Tandy news is more interesting. When he's healthy, Tandy has been incandescent but only intermittently effective. For whatever reason, he was never able to establish himself as a member of Travis Steele's rotation. Now he's going to have a shot to make his name under Sean Miller.

I think it's fair to assume that players' transfer decisions are based at least in part on their meetings with Sean Miller. It is demonstrably clear that some confluence of circumstances led to Dwon Odom deciding he was best served plying his trade elsewhere; some similar set of inputs has Kyky, in his own words ready to run it back.

It's no secret that Sean Miller likes guards who can shoot. At his best, Kyky fits the bill. His return is evidence that he and Miller apparently feel he still has the capacity to be the player we're all hoping to see.