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Xavier 2022 player of the year and individual grades voting

Guess what almost annual poll is back!?

NCAA Basketball: NIT Final-Xavier vs Texas A&M Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

With the most important tournament in college basketball in the rearview and a couple other minor postseason competitions wrapping up, it’s about time to transition into our offseason coverage. We’ll spend this week saying farewell to the players who exhausted their eligibility in service of the program and throw in an additional goodbye to the head coach who mutually agreed with the school to part ways.

From there, we’ll run down every player who participated in intercollegiate play enough to get mentioned on the KenPom page, from the least successful all the way to the player of the year.

This is where you come in. The player rankings we’ll be as voted on by you, the Banners community/Xavier Nation/whatever else you think of yourselves as. Below is (hopefully) a poll generated with the help of the good people at Google asking you to give each member of the team a grade. The poll is set to shuffle the order in which the choices appear, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t seem to be in any discernible pattern.

You can rank them based on whatever criteria you see fit in your heart. We’d ask that you try to evaluate each player on the same basis, but however you actually define that basis is up to you. The only limitation the form itself will place on you is that you have to give each player a grade.

Go nuts. We’ll close the poll sometime Sunday and start posting the results next Monday.