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Where we stand

A quick update on Xavier's coaching search.

Xavier v Seton Hall
It's this guy for now
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Day four of the Xavier coaching search/mess has dawned with no more clarity than any of the previous. What we know and what we think have yet to coalesce into one press conference. Here's where we actually know, and a few things we think.

*Sean Miller is still the top target*

Through various sources and intimations, Xavier has made it known that the person they most want to coach the team next is former coach Sean Miller. You can read below for the issues with that, but Miller is the biggest and best name on the market right now. Announcing him would launch Xavier up the Big East.

*It won't be Dennis Gates or Todd Golden*

Gates is looking likely to go to Missouri. He wasn't a serious contender at X as he hasn't quite done enough to demonstrate that he's Big East ready. Todd Golden has but, ironically, he's going to Xavier's equally coachless NIT opponent, Florida.

*We don't actually know that much*

The school is remaining silent. Travis Steele is remaining silent. All candidates are remaining silent. Xavier launched itself into a very weird space when it announced a mutual separation with its head coach at 2PM Wednesday. Since then the NCAA tournament has taken top billing as X fans have scoured Twitter and message boards trying to find tidbits that really aren't there. If you think this is all very strange, you're right. As soon as we know, you'll know.