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Xavier is right on the bubble this morning


Syndication: Argus Leader
Bubbles AND thin ice. Perfect picture for today.
Erin Woodiel / Argus Leader / USA TODAY NETWORK

Two facts should pervade your thinking about Xavier today: 1) they don't deserve to make the tournament and 2) neither do the teams they're stacked up against. One of the definitional aspects of a bubble team is that its resume isn't very good. It's easy - extremely easy - to look at Xavier in isolation and identify the case to be made that they should be headed for the NIT. The reality is that the same is true for every other team on the bubble. If these teams had put together good resumes, they'd be sweating out seeding right now.

In the morning update of the Bracket Matrix, Xavier is in the tournament in 69 of the 131 brackets submitted. Pick a reputable bracketologist at random and there's basically a coin toss chance Xavier is in on their bracket. If it doesn't end up breaking that way for X, they'll have only themselves to blame. Here are the two games that might make it all academic today.

Texas A&M v Tennessee, 1pm, SEC championship, ESPN

Texas A&M is probably already in and almost certainly ahead of Xavier, but a win here would erase all doubt. A loss wouldn't be too damaging, but it would drop the Aggies to 4-10 in Q1 and 22-12 overall. With their 2 Q3 losses, anything is theoretically possible.

Richmond v Davidson, 1pm, A10 championship, CBS

Davidson is in either way. If Richmond wins, they'll shrink the bubble by one spot at a time at which Xavier needs to bubble to be as big as possible. No silver linings here; Davidson has to win for X to stay on life support.