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Xavier appears to have quit

If anyone other than Adam Kunkel cares, it’s hard to tell

NCAA Basketball: Xavier at Connecticut
The biggest disappointment of the season
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

This is a rare halftime article. Twitter does not have enough space for everything wrong so far.

Paul Scruggs is too passive

One point, no field goals, three turnovers. Xavier needs a lot more than that out of their senior guard.

Colby Jones is regressing

Jones has five points but has also completely missed a possession that he played with his back to the ball, fouled a jump shooter, and done that incredibly annoying thing where he orbits the rim for God knows what reason. Rather than having a breakout season, Jones is doing everything worse on offense this season. He’s not gotten better anywhere.

Adama Sanogo is dominating

Xavier’s bigs, except Cesare Edwards in his brief stint, are apparently afraid of Sanogo. He is doing almost literally whatever he wants. One assumes he will enact some right of prima nocta before the Xavier entourage leaves town. The display from Xavier’s bigs has been cowardly.

No one seems to care

This is obviously absurd because Xavier’s players likely do care. Other than Adam Kunkel, though, no one is outwardly evincing that. Zach Freemantle is as crap as he has been all year. Jerome Hunter is dreadful on both ends. Jack Nunge looks like the weight of carrying the team all season is finally weighing him down. Someone needs to do something. Instead, they spent the last war of the first half looking apathetic and defeated.

Travis Steele needs to change something

It’s the players who have been warm garbage all game; it’s Travis Steele who will pay with his job. There’s 20 minutes left in a game Xavier really needs. Figure it out.