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What’s in the NET today: Christmas Edition

As college ball hits Christmas break, here’s how the NET looks for Xavier and the Big East

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 20 Seton Hall at Xavier Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The weather outside is truly frightful. Whether you have a place to go or not, you may want to consider letting it snow and staying inside. Please avoid super creepy “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” vibes though. There’s a bit of college ball to see you through a day stuck inside, including a midnight tilt in Hawai’i, where one figures it is at least marginally warmer than a wind chill of -30 below.

Back in the realm of Xavier and not weather that may ground Santa Claus, things are looking decent. The Musketeers are over the 38 cut line on the NET where things start to get very dicey. As we’ve mentioned before, 38th isn’t some sort of hard and fast rule where being above it guarantees you a bid to the NCAA tournament, but it’s a decent guideline.

The rest of the pack is struggling a bit.

Team NET KenPom Quad H/A
UConn 1 2 1/1
Marquette 35 27 2/1
Xavier 33 28 -------
Creighton 34 23 2/1
Butler 67 79 2/1
St. John's 91 57 3/2
Providence 76 62 3/2
Seton Hall 94 64 3/2
Villanova 98 53 3/2
DePaul 176 120 4/3
Georgetown 229 166 4/4

Marquette losing to Providence cost the conference a Q1 game. Xavier is sneaking up to being a Q1 everywhere, but that won’t help the Musketeers pad their resume unless they schedule an intrasquad. Creighton is still a computer numbers darling and absolutely obliterated Butler in the return of Ryan Kalkbrenner. The Bluejays could very soon be a Q1. Butler is a 2/1 game right now, don’t ask me why.

St. John’s had been working their way up, but then they lost to Villanova. That lost dropped the Red Storm to 91st in the NET, but only moved the Wildcats up to 98th. Those are both still Q3 games at home, which is mildly shocking. After that there is Providence and then the abyss.

All that means that Xavier is in decent shape when they come back for the final two games of 2022. Handle SJU at home and there is a chance to grab a resume maker against possibly the best team in the nation. For now, the rest of the Big East has work to do.