Is Ian Sabourin in for the rest of the basketball season?

Fans of the Xavier Musketeer’s basketball team must be feeling pretty pleased with how the college program is playing at the moment. The program is currently enjoying a relatively good season in the Big East, with the momentum certainly on their side.

Indeed, a recent 80-77 victory against rivals Cincinnati Bearcats has helped the university climb to 7-3 in their record. However, the real test will begin in a few games' time, as they will begin to play teams from their own division.

Could it be time for Ian Sabourin?

With those important games on the horizon, could it be time for Ian Sabourin to make his mark for the University program? Will the Hamilton, Ohio, native be able to perform and help the team continue its positive trajectory throughout the current campaign?

Of course, that could be considered to be a lot of pressure for an individual who is still in his freshman year, with the walk-on having joined from Hamilton Badin High School in his hometown. However, there is no denying that he does have all the potential to make a real difference if he is in for the rest of the season.

Sabourin managed to compile a number of impressive statistics during his high school days, as he was ranked in the top 10 in the Greater Catholic League (GCL) for rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals; all metrics that many across basketball continue to look at as a way of trying to determine how good an athlete is when playing on the court.

Naturally, there will be plenty of excitement about what the finance major is able to achieve, but everything could depend on whether his head coach, Sean Miller, decides to give him a go and stick him in the squad for the rest of the basketball season. Unfortunately, we are yet to see him this year, with the player still on the periphery of the team. However, he is certainly a player to look forward to seeing, and perhaps, we will get to see him given an opportunity to shine on the court in the near future.

What can Xavier Musketeers achieve this season?

With the fast start that the college program has been able to enjoy this season, there may be many that will feel that the team is going to be able to spring a few surprises throughout the whole of college basketball.

The team is already 7-3 on the year, although they are yet to play a Big East divisional opponent. Nonetheless, the team from Ohio has shown that they know what it takes to get the job done. The only defeats to have been recorded so far are against established basketball programs in recent weeks. These were against No. 14 Indiana, No. 15 Duke, and No. 18 Gonzaga.

Admittedly, it does also appear as though Xavier has been able to utilize its home advantage, as the vast majority of the matches that have been played have been at the Cintas Center. Nonetheless, they have made it count, which has given sports betting enthusiasts living in the state some confidence that their team could continue to experience a successful season.

Indeed, many who are interested in wagering on the team’s efforts are keeping their eyes peeled in regard to the latest updates of the sport betting scene in Ohio, with it expected that the activity will go live in the imminent future. Once it does, it will join a number of states across the US in permitting sports betting a legal pastime, and as a result, it is hardly a surprise that there are so many that are interested in potentially enjoying it in the coming months.

Of course, throw in the fact that Xavier look set to be about to enjoy a successful season, there are many that are continuing to think about what might lie in store for the Musketeers as a result of their great start to the campaign.

Tough challenges lie ahead for Xavier

The season may have been hugely positive on the whole, however Miller’s group of players will be about to face some of their toughest challenges in the coming weeks and months, as they will begin a tough schedule that will see them compete against many of their Big East rivals. Nonetheless, there is plenty of reason for optimism surrounding the program.

With Southern U next on the schedule in a home encounter, the Musketeers will play Georgetown in their first divisional game of the season on the road. They will then return to the Cintas Center where they will take on Seton Hall before taking on St. John’s on the road.

After those three clashes in the division, they will then take on another opponent from the Conference in what will likely be the toughest game. This is because the No. 5 ranked Connecticut will await them. A trip to Villanova is wedged between another ranked team that is played against at home, with No. 21 Creighton the visitors.

Let’s remember, while Xavier has only lost three games thus far this season, each of those has come against ranked teams. Although each game and opponent is very different from each other, it would be hard not to help but think that this could pose a potentially tricky problem when the fixtures come around on the schedule.

What will happen to Xavier?

The beauty of college basketball - and sport in general - is the fact that literally anything can happen and it can be incredibly difficult to make predictions about what to potentially expect when they appear on the court.

Perhaps by the time we reach the dates of these scheduled games we may see the likes of Ian Sabourin get his chance and become a key player for Miller’s roster at the Cintas Center. Perhaps we will see other players who are already stepping up step up further against Big East rivals and help boost the winning record that is already being enjoyed even further.

Indeed, time will tell, but hopefully for those associated with the Ohio program, it will be an enjoyable season that is full of success, however that may look!