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It’s Shootout Day!

It’s time for the best rivalry in college basketball

Butler v Xavier Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

What a day of sports this is. Morocco and Portugal in the morning, England against France in a history laden quarter final to start the afternoon, and then, the Crosstown Shootout.

College basketball and the World Cup serve up the best spectacles in sport. The Shootout isn’t March Madness, but it’s a harbinger. It’s a reminder of what basketball can serve at its very best. And this is the very best.

Ignore the moralizers may say, ignore the landed gentry on tobacco road who feign disdain for each other, ignore most of Ohio and their stupidity about Michigan, that isn’t a basketball rivalry. THIS is the basketball game to see in the non-conference slate, and it features your team.

Here’s what we’ve written this week.

Xavier needs to get some big wins. UC is not going to be one of those.

You can think back to a time before Covid, before Sean Miller part two, before John Brannen, before Wes Miller to a time a when UC beat Xavier.

Need a breakdown of what UC does well and how to counter that? Joel gave you that earlier this week.

And finally, the longest preview we have written all year.