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Season Preview Pod

We got together to talk basketball for the first time since last April.

Syndication: The Enquirer Joshua A. Bickel / USA TODAY NETWORK

You undoubtedly have a podcast feed that, hopefully, you already subscribe to us on. If not, clicking that button is two seconds that will provide you with hours of listening to us act like four brothers on a Zoom call.

Our podcast is not exactly like all the rest. We don’t have slick production, we don’t have an editor, and our host is a guy who occasionally mutes his mic to yell at his dog. What we can bring to the table is well over a hundred combined years of Xavier fandom and a passion for basketball and X that is unparalleled. We’ve coached, played, and officiated the game at levels ranging from college down to YMCA ball. We still all watch far more basketball than any reasonable person should.

We genuinely hope that love of the game comes out in our work. If you like sitting down with your friends and kicking around the latest news and talking in depth about the team, this is the podcast for you. It’s four brothers, acting like four brothers, talking to you with a mix of analytics, the eye test, and the cynicism that comes from being Cleveland fans.

Our season preview is linked here. In it we break down the four burning questions about this team, the impact the coaching change might have, who can surprise in the Big East this year, and what the Kansas and Louisville punishments might mean for Xavier and Sean Miller. Enjoy!