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Xavier without arguably their best player tonight

As first reported by Adam Baum, Colby Jones won’t be playing tonight.

Syndication: The Enquirer Phil Didion / USA TODAY NETWORK

Per Adam Baum, Colby Jones will not be in action against the Fairfield Stags this evening. An ankle sprain has put Jones into a walking boot and Xavier’s rotation into a bit of a shuffle. Players like Kam Craft, Adam Kunkel, and Jerome Hunter figure to see more time, at least assuming Hunter can quite fouling for a while.

Jones is probably Xavier’s best on ball defender and leads the team in assists. He is averaging 13.5/4/7 and shooting 42.9% from the floor. His 128.9 offensive rating is well above average and Colby gets fouled and gets to the line more than any other Xavier player. Adam Kunkel will take his place in the starting lineup tonight as Xavier tries to adjust to missing their most important player.