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Every Xavier game is on television

Xavier’s schedule is now complete

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee Tech at Xavier Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier has grown from the team that used to dominate the Atlantic 10 into the program that we all support now. Further evidence or, perhaps, just a reminder of that, was served today when the entire schedule was released.

Every single game is on television and on a channel you likely have. Fox and FS1 retain most of the games, with CBS Sports grabbing four and ESPN hosting three early season matchups. Times range from some weekend noon tips to a potential 930pm tilt on Black Friday.

Game times that jump out immediately are an 830 home tip for the Crosstown Shootout. With an entire day to pregame, one is forced to assume that the entire city will be quite well lubricated for the game to come. Somewhere John Brannen will be forcing dehydration of a different sort on someone, but I digress.

Both Villanova games are on weekdays on FS1, but matchups against UConn, Creighton, and Seton Hall are all noon or mid day Saturday on big Fox. Fox has also demonstrated some savvy by holding the last day of matchups in a flex slot on March 5th. Depending on how the standings have shaken out and the relative conference or bubble import of each game, Xavier v. Georgetown could end up on either Fox or FS1. It’s tip time has yet to be announced.

That’s the schedule. Everything is set. At 730 on a Tuesday night now not so long in the future, a full, glorious, 31 game slate of college basketball will start. Hopefully this year it won’t end until April.