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Xavier draws Ohio State in the 2021-22 Gavitt Games


NCAA Second Round: Ohio State v Xavier Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

First, the news:

Not only did Xavier not get Wisconsin, they drew the one opponent many Muskie fans have been clamoring for since this series was announced. For the first time since 2007, intrastate rivals Ohio State will take the court against Xavier.

OSU had a great season last year, peaking at number 6 in the KenPom rankings and earning a 2 seed in the NCAA tournament. This all despite a late season collapse in which they lost their last four regular-season games and six of their last nine overall. It ultimately culminated in an OT loss to tournament darling Oral Roberts in which Duane Washington hero-balled his way to a 7-21/3-12/1-3 shooting line and frittered away the final possessions of the game.

Washington is back, as are starters EJ Liddell, Justice Sueing, and Kyle Young. OSU was the number 4 offense in the nation last year, and they bring back most of the important components to that attack this season. Bart Torvik has them number 3 in his preseason projections; this is going to be a big night at Cintas.

It was an intentional foul. Never forgive, never forget.