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Brandon Randolph joins Xavier's TBT team

The former ESPN 100 recruit from California never settled at Xavier, but he has a shot at redemption now.

Xavier v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

First, the news:

I have to confess I did not see this coming. Brandon Randolph had a couple of seasons at Xavier that were more stop than start, never averaging more than 2.5 points per game in limited time. He transferred to Utah Valley State, where he had a little more success, albeit at a significantly lower level of competition. He averaged 10/4/4 as a senior and made nearly 40% of his three-point attempts.

Since matriculation, he has bounced around overseas leagues, putting up big numbers in the Ukrainian and Romanian leagues in his first two years out of college. Those performances earned him a look in the G-League, which he didn't exactly take by storm whole suiting up for the Wisconsin Herd. Last year, he put up a robust 14/3/5 in the top league in Denmark in just 26 minutes per game.

Randolph joins a team that is stacked at every position. It's hard to imagine this group not making a deep run.