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Big East battles headlines today’s bubble action

It’s on and popping (PUN!) today in bubble action.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers
A picture from a baseball game!
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was chock full of bubble action - including some of that hot bubble-on-bubble stuff that gets the people going - so let’s get caught up. Toledo won; many people didn’t care. Georgia Tech crapped away an eight-point lead down the stretch against Duke but somehow rallied in overtime enough to pull the game out. That might be it for the Blue Devils.

Indiana took on fellow bubble team Michigan State and lost. The Hoosiers probably need multiple conference tournament wins at this point; Sparty is continuing a meteoric rise towards being an incredibly dangerous low seed.

Finally, this wasn’t a bubble game, but Wright State had Milwaukee dead and buried - up 24 with 6 and change to go - and somehow lost the game. Just watch these highlights and appreciate what a low-grade tragedy it is that there weren’t fans in the arena for this.

Also, show some life, announcing crew. History is being made and these dudes are acting like they’re discussing their shopping list. Anyway, on to today’s bubble action.

Wichita State at Tulane, 6pm, ESPN+

Shell out the extra five bucks a month boys and girls, because the forgotten child of the ESPN family of networks has a bubble game today. If you’re cheering for a one-bid AAC, this is a big brick in that wall. A Wichita State team with a resume thinner than state park campground toilet paper has a Q3 game that would leave them more or less needing an auto bid. Last night’s happy hour tip featured two top-ten teams, but this is basically the same thing.

Connecticut at Seton Hall, 6:30pm, FS1

This is more like it, and on a network covered by a basic cable subscription no less! UConn has been charging hard with James “Book” Knight back healthy, and a win here would make them 3-3 in each of the top 2 quadrants with no bad losses. Seton Hall bears the shame of having lost to Providence and holds an unimpressive overall record. The Huskies are a bit safer, but both teams will feel like they need this game.

Stanford at USC, 10:30pm, FS1

Stanford is still showing up on a couple of brackets, and you need something to watch while you’re still awake wondering what would have happened if Odom had found Tandy in the corner instead of Freemantle running the middle. The Cardinal are 14-11, but they have 4 Q1 wins. They somehow contrived to lose to a bad Oregon State team at home, but this would make them 5-5 in Q1 and give them 6 Q1/2 wins overall. They’d still need to do something in the conference tourney, but hey, not dead yet!

Unless they lose this one.