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Xavier guard CJ Wilcher is in the transfer portal

This is a hurter.

First, the news:

I hate this. CJ Wilcher didn't have an overtly eye-catching stat line - he averaged 3.3 and 1.1. in 10 minutes per game - but I loved the way he played and the potential he showed. Perhaps the most illuminating stretch of play this season was when Travis Steele started him against Marquette opposite Dawson Garcia. Wilcher was giving up 6 inches and 40 pounds to Garcia, but Garcia wanted no part of him within 20 feet of the basket. Wilcher had the kind of toughness and edge that Xavier has been built on, and I thought he would be a big part of this team going forward.

The Tandy and Ramsey transfers were predictable for anyone who had eyes. This one comes out of nowhere to me. The Dwon Odom, Colby Jones, CJ Wilcher triumvirate was, in my mind, a great foundation for this team to build on. It's now a man shy. This one stings.