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Danny Ramsey to transfer

Daniel Ramsey joins Kyky Tandy in leaving the Xavier program.

NCAA Basketball: Butler at Xavier Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Ramsey is leaving Xavier. This, along with the departure of Kyky Tandy, hardly comes as a surprise. Ramsey appeared in two games in his Xavier career. He scored two as a freshman and four as a sophomore. With his Covid year, whichever team gets him will potentially have him for three more seasons.

Ramsey’s career has been plagued by injury relating to his Blount’s Disease. That diagnosis and the leg injuries that have come with it have ended up limiting his opportunity and practice time. Whether that will change or not at the next place remains to be see, but it’s hard not hope that things work out for the young man.

That leaves Xavier with nine scholarship players on the roster for 2021-22. Paul Scruggs, Nate Johnson, Bryan Griffin, and Jason Carter all could theoretically return for another season. It doesn’t seem terribly likely that any of them will, but even if a couple do Coach Steele will have plenty of room to dip into the transfer portal or add a late commitment himself.