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Xavier v. DePaul is cancelled, but X is looking for a game

The Muskies are tired of not playing and are looking to remedy that.

NCAA Basketball: Seton Hall at Xavier Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

First, the news:

I think this drops Xavier to 13 Big East games between the 6 they've played and those remaining on the schedule, pending further cancellations. Xavier has apparently had enough, and the league is apparently on board.

So who(m) should Xavier schedule? I don't think it makes sense to pick up another buy game against a local game unless the staff thinks the team just needs to knock off the rust after getting one game in a month. If the Muskies want a team on par with DePaul, Akron doesn't play until Friday - maybe they'd be open to a Wednesday game? Ohio U is off until the 16th, so they're wide open.

Both Cincinnati and Dayton have full weeks, so thumping a local rival is out.

I've seen the name Loyala Chicago thrown around - and they'd certainly be a great game for Xavier - but they have a back-to-back on the weekend with Drake, so I doubt they're looking for extra trouble right now.

The problem is that most teams are either packed with games because they're trying to shuffle a season into a pandemic or shut down because they've tried to shuffle a season into a pandemic. Xavier's trump card is Mario Mercurio, the best in the scheduling business. If there's a game to be found, he'll make it happen. Travis Steele said that this group of guys will play anybody, anywhere. We're about to put that to the test.