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Xavier's game at Georgetown has been postponed

Originally scheduled for January 4th, the game now goes into covid limbo.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Georgetown at Colorado
I agree.
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First, the news:

I don't even know what to say at this point. Like all of you, I was hoping to have heard and written the words "cancelled due to covid" for the final time at some point last season. Instead, here we are again.

You'll all remember the whirlwind that was last season. Xavier roared out of the blocks with three games in three days and was holding the weirdly honorable distinction of "most games played in D1" for the first month or so of the year. Then the covid pauses came. A Muskies team that was in position for an at-large bid played just 3 games from December 9 to the close of the year and then just 3 more in a 6-week stretch to effectively torpedo any rhythm they had. The rest of the year was a stop-start exercise in futility.

Xavier's whole program is vaccinated and seems to be doing well in avoiding exposure, but - in a microcosm of the problem that has had the world at large reeling for two years - their personal efforts can easily be detailed by the actions of others.

The Big East will attempt to reschedule this game, though a cursory look at the schedule going forward shows it will do so at the expense of congesting at least one of the team's schedules. A roadie against Georgetown was never going to be anything but potential resume poison for X; I hope it's the most valuable thing we lose to covid this season, but I'm almost certain it won't be.