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Season Preview Pod!

We all get together to have a look at the season ahead.

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“Hey! You should listen to this!” is probably what Paul Scruggs would say
Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

This site started over a decade ago as brothers exchanging emails. Time and tide have moved us across the great state of Ohio, but that same ethos still carries into what we do here. Follow along with that thread here, as all of our season preview articles can be found in one place. If you wonder what X faces tomorrow with Niagara or want to see what we think Kyky Tandy will bring this season, that’s all in one place.

Also to that end, our podcast is probably more like friends talking than a professionally produced one where everyone has a microphone and headset. The same statistical analysis that pervades everything we do also leaks into our pod. Join us as we break down the upcoming season, talk about what Coach Steele has to do to keep a job, look at the players that excite us the most, and wonder why the NCAA insists on getting almost every decision wrong.

And for more reading along those lines, check out Joel’s breakdown of what faces Travis Steele this year.