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Xavier's game against Villanova schedule for January 13 will be postponed

Villanova has positive tests in its program, necessitating the halt.

NCAA Basketball: Roman Legends Classic-Villanova vs Hartford
Wear your dang mask right.
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A reasonable person always asks for a source of a claim. Fortunately, we have one:

Aside from the fact that Xavier drew that coveted 11am on a Sunday slot against Providence, the news here is that the Muskies won't play Nova at all on January 13. The Villanova program has multiple positive tests, and Jay Wright has reported that the people in question are showing symptoms, precluding the possibility of false positives. Nova will be shut down for the moment, missing at least three games.

This underscores how abnormal this season is and probably also emphasizes the need for being aggressive with rescheduling. Most of the league already has midweek fixtures that would preclude sliding a game in there, but Seton Hall and Creighton are both idle. Seton Hall has already played Xavier once - though you can be forgiven for intentionally forgetting that - and they're scheduled to play X again on Saturday, January 16. Moving that game up three days probably doesn't accomplish much.

Creighton, on the other hand, isn't slated to face Xavier again until February 27. I'm not a logistical mastermind, but I'm not seeing any reason that game couldn't be moved to next Wednesday. There's no certainty that either team will be available to play by the time that date rolls around. If the league wants to get something like a full schedule completed, it's going to have to start striking while the iron is hot.