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Xavier v Butler postponed...but just for a day

Xavier’s game on Friday has been pushed back a day to allow for further testing.

Creighton v Butler
The kind of place where sickness spreads easily.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

“The BIG EAST Conference has announced that the Xavier at Butler men’s basketball game, which was scheduled for Friday, January 29, has been postponed until Saturday, January 30, due to additional COVID-related testing precautions.” You can decide exactly what that means to you. While UConn has been forced to miss two games because of Connecticut’s more stringent Covid guidelines, Butler is operating under Indiana’s standards and hope to be able to play. That there is now a delay isn’t a good sign, but doesn’t necessarily mean this game is going by the boards.

This doesn’t have a great impact on Xavier’s schedule in terms of recovery or game preparedness. The Musketeers don’t play again until Wednesday the 3rd at DePaul and will still have plenty of time off to get ready for that game. That also means that Xavier will have an even 20 days between games when they take on Butler on Saturday. Butler will have had four.

Xavier also announced some other schedule news. The Feb 11th game against DePaul will be a 3:30 PM tip on FS1 and the Feb 13th game against UConn will be less than 48 hours later at noon on big Fox. The thought process behind playing a late afternoon game in the middle of February is a bit of a mystery, but in the 2020-21 season, you get the games in when you can.