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Xavier at Butler is (tentatively) on

In a season of analyzing everything for every meaning, today’s releases augur well for basketball

Please God, let there be a game.
Photo by Zhizhao Wu/Getty Images

Nothing is official until the ball is tossed for the tip this season, but all signs point to there being a game between Xavier and Butler on Friday. If that happens it will be Xavier’s first game in 19 days and Butler’s first since a loss to UConn on Tuesday.

It was that Tuesday game that cast the game at Butler into doubt. An official in that contest tested positive after it. Shortly after that, UConn announced that they would not be playing their next two games either out of an abundance of caution or other more troubling reasons. For most of the day, Xavier fans were simply waiting for the announcement that Butler was going to follow the same tack.

Evidently they have not. Xavier has sent out their pre-game notes and the information for the presser with Coach Steele. This has not happened for any of the postponed games. Every indication is that Xavier intends to travel to Indiana and play a game in a barn on Friday. For once, Hinkle will be a semi-welcome sight.