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Xavier-Seton Hall postponed

Xavier loses another game to Covid postponement after the Big East let them languish.

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This again
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First off, the news straight from the source:

Xavier has not released the names of the players or staff involved and, while there is speculation to be found on Twitter, there are no reliable sources confirming anything. Whether there were positive tests or just close contact is also a matter of conjecture.

What isn’t is that the Big East has let Xavier down repeatedly this season. The Musketeers have spent a significant amount of time just sitting and waiting this season while they were healthy and other teams weren’t. During those lost open dates the Big East didn’t move any games or make any arrangements to find Xavier an opponent. Between the 20th of December and the 10th of January Xavier didn’t play a single weekend game. There were opponents available, but Xavier can’t change the conference schedule and the conference couldn’t be bothered.

So now Xavier waits again. When will they be able to play? Their next scheduled game is Wednesday the 20th against UConn (who is missing James Bouknight). That game is now very much in doubt. Even if it is played, any Xavier players who have tested positive now will be out then. There is another open weekend slot coming up after that when the team would have a chance to get healthy. Until that announcement, we wait... again.