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Rumor abounds

Does anyone know what is actually happening?

Big East Basketball Tournament - First Round Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The college basketball is a chimera right now. It is there, but it isn’t. It is a basketball season, but it isn’t. Guidance from the NCAA is coming, but even that won’t clarify things much in a landscape where some conferences have already have said they won’t play, others are making their own plans, and each state is setting its own agenda.

Clears things right up, doesn’t it? What we know at this point is that Xavier’s players are practicing as if the season will go ahead as planned. The university has not released anything regarding tickets to games or what the composition of a crowd in the Cintas would look like, but it’s fair to assume that any crowd that is in place will be very small.

That’s if on campus games are even a thing. More and more the rumor coming out is suggesting that programs are looking toward setting up a bubble or bubbles to play their games. That is simply because crowds cause issues right now but the television show must go on. How many teams and/or conferences would be in one place or even where those places would be is still a matter of complete conjecture.

One of those bubble locations is Winthrop, which is suggesting a bubble comprised of 20 teams, 16 high majors and four mid majors. One is forced to assume that Winthrop sees itself as one of those mid majors. If so, this is a crafty way of making sure their schedule stays tough while also giving themselves a shot at a couple of big wins.

But for now, it all remains rumor. College basketball is coming, we just don’t know when, how, or where.