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How Do the Transfers Affect the Starting Five

Xavier has a long history of impact transfers and this crop look to be set to continue that legacy.

NCAA Basketball: Seton Hall at Xavier
I’m pretty certain this shot went in.
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Any fan of college basketball knows that the starting five can change for a plethora of reasons ranging from matchups to injuries to veterancy. Nevertheless, Travis Steele will have a starting five he feels most confident in when games tip off.

The returning members of this team all have a good chance of being in the starting five from day one. Kyky Tandy and Paul Scruggs returning at the guard spots, Jason Carter in the 3-4 spot and Zach Freemantle as a big with decent perimeter skills. Plugging these four straight in to the starting lineup obviously leaves only one spot and each transfer gives the team a very different dynamic.

A likely candidate for this is newcomer Benajmin Stanley as his athleticism and strength coupled with his decent jump shot make him a nightmare to defend. This would keep Tandy on the ball, while Scruggs, Stanley and Carter can all post-up or shoot off the catch outside and Freemantle would operate as the lone big man.

Fellow transfer Nate Johnson would probably give the team an entirely different look. Johnson is a gifted outside shooter and will play primarily shooting guard, thus making the lineup very small and quick, but more vulnerable to bigger opponents.

D2 transfer Bryan Griffin would provide yet another look for the Musketeers this coming season. Griffin comes in at 6’8”, 230 and is freakishly athletic while eating rebounds. Griffin’s size would favor a bigger lineup as it would move Carter further from the rim and Scruggs would stay as the off-ball guard.

Each of these options has its merit and each of these players has the ability to perform his intended role. How it will all fit together is anyone’s guess, but any of these three could crack the starting five from day one.