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Xavier lands Hampton transfer Benjamin Stanley

Plenty of high majors were after Stanley, but Xavier won out again.

NCAA Basketball: Butler at Xavier
You beauty.
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Travis Steele is at it again.

Hampton big man Benjamin Stanley had a raft of high-majors from which to choose, including Georgetown, Maryland, Oregon, and Illinois, but in the end Xavier landed his signature. At 6'6", 225, Stanley doesn't have the typical height of a big man in the Big East, but he's built like a brick outhouse and has high-level athleticism.

After a pedestrian freshman year at Hampton, Stanley broke out in a big way last season, dropping 22 and 7 per game on a shooting line of .574/.333/.643. He played more than 35 minutes per game and had a usage rate of over 26%. He was Hampton's go-to guy.

Strength won't be a limiting factor for Stanley at Xavier, but he will need to continue to improve his decision-making out of the post. He can be doubled at times and his assist rate of 4.8% speaks to a reticence to pass out of the block. Nearly half his shots were charted as mid-range attempts last year, and he connected on an impressive 49.8% of them. There is some variance to how shots are categorized between programs, but he has more than just bully ball in his bag.

Stanley already took a redshirt and will be applying for immediate eligibility at Xavier. With two seasons of play at Hampton under his belt, he'll have two more years of eligibility as a Muskie. After a bit of a slow build to the summer, Travis Steele is suddenly looking very clever for having kept some space open.

Please enjoy this highlight montage of Stanley just flat-out banging on people.