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NCAA Approves Basketball for Summer Activities

Not all of the questions about next basketball season have been answered, but at least the NCAA is working towards a new normal.

Big East Basketball Tournament - First Round Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

As the weirdness of a season that never ended fades, the attentions of college basketball fans across the nation has slowly begun to turn toward the usual offseason distractions: recruiting and thinking about next season. In light of that the NCAA released guidelines for summer basketball activities and began plotting the course to hopefully having basketball on campuses this fall.

What is most notable about the release is perhaps the part that is glossed over: a return to normalish recruiting activities. The DI council kicked the can down the road as far as coming to a decision on how they want to handle that going forward and only the vague “within the next few weeks” provides any timeframe for when we will have any clarity on the subject. For now, it is at least nice to know that they are working toward having a season and hopefully as things continue to progress, the course stays true for a safe return to the court for college basketball this fall.