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Catching up with Xavier

As the world spins out of control, Xavier still prepares for a season that may not happen.

Lipscomb v Xavier

Coronavirus and mass protest have been the stories of the summer. As the one seemingly fades from the the public mind despite not fading at all in reality, the other has come to the fore. Coronavirus ended the last basketball season and will almost certainly impact the beginning of the next one. A packed venue at the Cintas this year could mean 1,500 people, not 11,000. Protests will almost certainly take place during anthems and warmps. Based on what we have seen this summer, it’s fair to assume that Xavier players will take part.

That’s not all that is happening as June starts to roll into scorching hot days. For starters, four year player and walk-on to starter success story Leighton Schrand has been named one of Xavier’s two new graduate assistants. Schrand posted a line of 9/6/2 over his time at X, but is an avowed student of the game. Schrand is joined as a GA by Sean Flannery, who played his college ball at John Carroll and graduated from the same high school as Matt and Tim Stainbrook.

Should Xavier have a season it will tip off on Tuesday, the 10th of November against Morehead State. Along those same lines, Xavier has announced that they are already putting a plan in place if/when it is announced that attendance must be limited. Refunds and credit will be available for any season tickets that have been purchased but cannot be used.

Finally, the NCAA extended the summer no contact period through July 31st. Xavier’s 2020 class is already locked down and was relatively early, but the majority of the 2021 recruits are now stuck in limbo. With the circuits and AAU ball essentially shut down for the summer and coaches unable to have in person contact, recruiting’s busiest period is instead at a complete standstill. Coach Steele and Xavier were well ahead on the ‘21 class, but that doesn’t mean they still won’t be in scramble mode when recruiting finally opens back up. A lot more coaches will be at a lot more HS gyms in the fall. On June 15th, 2022 recruits will start to officially hear from coaches as well. The grind never stops.