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Providence may have punched their ticket last night; Stanford and Wichita State have their shots tonight

It's a slim night in bubble action, but conference tournaments give us basketball all day.

NCAA Basketball: Utah State at San Diego State Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

If you're here, you probably watched the Providence v. Xavier game last night. The Friars got out hot and held off Xavier's charge to pull in a huge win and probably cement their at-large status. Indiana did much the same, fighting off a game Minnesota squad to pick up their 19th win of the year. Arkansas ran LSU off the floor to get their 6th Q1/2 win and stay in touching distance of the bubble.

On the other side of the bubble, obviously Xavier lost, but the real loser on the night was URI. With a chance to send a message against Dayton, they did just that. Unfortunately, the message they sent was that they can't hang with top competition, as Dayton clubbed them like so many baby seals, burying the game early and waltzing to a 27-point victory on URI's court. Happy senior day! The Rams will likely need the auto bid now.

There's a ton of good action on tomorrow, with conference tournaments starting in the afternoon and games tipping off basically all day. The bubble stuff doesn't start hitting until later on, though. Here's what it is:

Stanford (11) @ Oregon State, 9pm, Pac12 Network

The Cardinal picked up their 20th win in Q1 fashion last time out; now they close the season with back-to-back Q1 road games. Their resume is a little light at the top and they do have a Q3 loss, but winning this one would have them home and dry on Selection Sunday.

Utah State (first 4 out) v. New Mexico, 9pm, CBSSN (MWC tournament)

Utah State hasn't won a Q1 game since before Christmas and they have a couple of bad losses. They need to add to the top line, and this game won't do it as it's a Q3. Last time they played, it was against New Mexico, and they lost. If they do that again, they're NIT-bound.

Wichita State (11) @ Memphis, 9pm, ESPN

This game is still a Q1 thanks to what Memphis was before they completely dissolved as the year went on. Wichita State has a golden opportunity to shore up their position with this one. If they don't, it's a Q3 game against Tulsa and then the AAC tournament.

There are more than 40 games tonight, starting with Winthrop in action at noon and rolling like through the last tip of the night between Nevada and Wyoming at 11:30pm. It's the best time of the year, and dudes are laying it on the line for one last shot at glory before the curtain falls on the low majors. Hooray for March.