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Today is Selection Sunday for the Xavier Sweet 16*

I'm stuck at home, too. Let's make the best of this mess with a tournament of every Xavier team of the KenPom era.

NCAA Basketball: Providence at Xavier
Someone will!
Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

First, I want to thank Governor DeWine for basically shutting down any large gathering place in the state of Ohio. My niece has breathing problems, my other niece and nephew are severely immunocompromised, and my parents and parents-in-law are old. I'm gonna be fine, but I don't want any higher risk for at-risk populations than necessary. Apparently our governor feels the same.

Beyond that, though, there isn't any real basketball being played, selected, practiced... participated in any way, really, right now. We can't change that. What we can do, instead, is throw something together on our own. Here's what we're going to do.

Xavier has 19 teams on the KenPom history page that can be clicked on. It starts with Thad Matta's 2002 team and continues right on to this year. We are going to seed each of them in a bracket - 13 protected seeds, plus 6 teams in play-in games - and then execute it on Twitter. Every matchup will get a Twitter poll with a 14-hour timer; whoever leads when the poll closes moves on to the next round.

Along with the poll, we'll be posting an article about each team, breaking down their personnel, the coach, where they ended up, and how they got there. If you're reading this, you've probably been a Xavier fan for at least a few of these teams, so jump into the comments with your favorite memories and/or corrections of our perceptions.

Play-in games will run Tuesday and Wednesday, the first round (which is also the Sweet 16) will go Thursday and Friday, the second round will go Saturday, the Final Four on Sunday, and the Xavier Final on Monday. Every game will be followed by a box score and recap, just as if it had happened in real life.

If I've done this correctly, you should be seeing the entire 19-team bracket below.

I know it's not what we were hoping for right now, but it's also not nothing. Let's work together (from isolation) and crown the top Xavier team of the KenPom era.